I have now taken the plunge, and migrated away from the clunky Wordpress, and onto a new world of asynchronous javascript, Markdown and minimalism!

Wordpress was getting more in the way, instead of making it easier to write blogposts. I ended up writing my posts in markdown in Mou, before posting it directly in Wordpress, instead of using their WYSIWYG editor (which usually just screws up my formatting...)

I am so sick of Wordpress' wysiwyg editor ruining my formatting with divs, spans and inline styles everywhere!

So therefore, I have now switched to Ghost.


A few things have changed:

  • A new and better permalink url format that does not include the post id, like it did in wordpress

  • Because of this permalink url change, the Share counters for social media share buttons will probably be reset (unless Facebook, Google+, twitter etc follow 301 redirects!).

  • Old links using the Wordpress url format should still work, and be redirected to the correct url and post in Ghost.

  • Searchbox, tags list and blogroll links are still missing. Will hopefully be added in near future.

  • Disqus comments seems to successfully have been merged over. Yay!

Some are using Jekyll to write their blogs in Markdown, but for me, this is the better option. I like to have my posts and "new post" page easily accessible.