My app called BF2Stats, was first released in October 2010.

This was my first app to be released into the Google Play store, and it was created purely for educational purpose.

BF2Stats has now, as of April 2013, reached a total of over 31 000 installs!

As I mentioned in this post a while ago, I managed to loose my encrytion key for the BF2Stats app. I therefore created a new app, with a similar name, called BF2Stats2.

This new app, BF2Stats2, is available in Google play, while the first app will be unpublished from Google play. It will then just be renamed to just BF2Stats to take the place of the old app.  Hopefully, users will migrate over to the new and better app, and it will make it easier for me to keep it updated.

I plan on rewriting the whole app very soon, with more stats, features and better looking GUI!