Earlier, I wrote a post on how you can try out the new Android Gingerbread (2.3), and now its Honeycombs turn!

This process is very similar to the one regarding the Gingerbread, so I suggest you skim through that post.

You can read more about whats new in Honeycom here. And here is more about the Honeycomb preview SDK itself.

First, we need to open our Android SDK and AVD manager, and install the new Honeycomb packages:

1. Go to Available packages and Select Android SDK Tools and SDK platform Android Honeycomb Preview.

2. When they are downloaded and finished installing, restart your SDK and AVD Manager.

3. Go to Available devices and hit New to create the new AVD for Honeycomb.

4. Give your AVD a nice name, and select Honeycomb (3.0) from the dropdown list. Hit Create AVD.

5. Now select your AVD, and hit start.

Note: It takes some time to start the AVD, and for me, it was a very slow experience navigating around, but it gives a nice introduction to honeycomb.

I took some screenshots from my AVD:

Note: If you are using Eclipse, there is also a new update to the Eclipse ADT (version 9.0.0), so you should update. It seems they have fixed the XML formatting.

My AVD device started up in a horizontal orientation, if yours do that too, you can easily change the orientation of your Emulated device.

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