This is the support page for the Google Maps extension for Opera.

You can download the extension here.

The extension allows you to select a street address, and hit the button, to get a full dynamic Google Map for the location.

Version updates

Version 0.3 (7 september 2013):

  • This version is a bugfix for the text selection not working in a few occasions! the plugin should work as normal now!

Version 0.2:

I just submitted an update to go through the review process, the update includes:

  • user interface improvement.
  • editbox to change the selected address or just do a regular map search.
  • type or change the address in the editbox, and just hit enter to search.
  • latitude and longitude koordinates should work.

The new interface now looks like this:

Street view and all other map features also work:

If you have questions, feedback, bugs etc, feel free to report them here.

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