Opera has for some time now, used one big red menu button instead of a “regular” menu like the one FireFox has.

This allows more free pixels in the height for displaying webpages instead.

However, Opera is very customizable, so if you don’t want the menu the way it is as default, you can easily edit, move or completely remove it.

Removing the text on the menu button in Opera

If you don’t like having the Menu text on the button, you can remove it.

  1. Right click the red menu -> Customize -> Appearance
  2. Set the style to Images only
  3. Hit Ok, and you should have a menu that looks like the one in the picture below

How to remove the menu in Opera

If you for some reason want to remove the menu button completely.

It will give you a little more space in the width for your tabs. Although, you can just move the menu button, to get the same amout of free space, and have the menu visible at the same time.

Tip: You can always open the main menu in Opera by pressing the alt key.

  1. Right click the red menu -> Customize -> Appearance
  2. Change placement to “Off”
  3. Hit Ok

Moving the menu in Opera

  1. Right click the red menu -> Customize -> Appearance
  2. Then drag the menu button to the panel where you want it to appear
  3. Click the first menu button to edit it in the customize dialog, and set its Placement to Off, like in the picture below

Opera can be customized in a lot of ways to make it fit your liking, Customization of UI elements is usually done through the Customize -> Appearance menu (or Shift + F12 if you like shortcuts).