A couple of years ago, I was looking for a good place to host a VPS, with this blog, and other stuff. After testing out a couple of known and little known services, I stumbled across Linode.

The VPS you get for your money, is absoslutely worth it!
They have a pretty powerful starter plan, with 1 GB of ram and 48 GB of storage.
Theres great guides and support for setting things up.

Great performance, uptime and customer support.

Now they have also come up with hourly billed plans like Amazon, letting you test anything in a VM for almost nothing.

If you want to try them out, you can use this referral link, that would give me a free month of hosting :)

Update 21 April: They have been doing lots of upgrades before, and now they have done it again! With another doubling of ram, SSDs and more!

Update 16 June: Today Linode introduced a new plan called “Linode 1G”, which I think is the perfect vps for me. It does not cost too much, and still has this great spec and support from the guys at Linode!