I have been trying out Lastpass as chrome extion, and mobile app for a few days, and heres a couple of things I have come across, as an avid Keepass user.

Feature requests

  • Tags – So I can group together items for different situations
  • Item duplicate – To avoid having to copy paste a lot of data
  • Ability to move a folder into another folder. Now I have to create a new folder where I want to move the items, move all the items, then delete the old foler.
  • Secure notes with a password and username field. Just like a “site”, except it does not have a url. It would be perfect to use in e.g mobile app logins. Why does this not exist?

Things I wonder about

  • Are all data encrypted? Also comment fields?
  • Why does the “view my deleted items” go to a lastpass.com website, instead of the chrome plugin?
  • How often does LastPass synchronize items, and does it do delta-sync? (and is that one item at a time?)
  • The security. Having my (encrypted) data stored at some companys server
  • Why does “secure notes” have a “copy username” and “copy password” context menu, when a regular secure note does not have these fields?

Problems importing data from Keepass

I have tried to import entries from Keepass, using the keepass xml export functionality. The basic import works, however there is quite a few quirks.

  • Import from Keepass is automatically turned into Lastpass “secure notes” if they are missing and url. I then have to create a new “site entry”, enter an url, and copy the data over there. Instead of being able to just add an url field afterwards, if it is missing.
  • Import from Keepass, sometimes triples, or quadruples all the text in the comment field!
  • Import from Keepass messes up special norwegian characters “æøå”


In addition to the bugs mentioned in the section above:

  • File attachments for secure notes in lastpass, loose their filenames. When saving such a file to disk from lastpass, the filname field is completely blank, but the file extension seems to be correct. This makes it impossible to know which file I am actually saving…
  • Updating sites and secure notes with file attachments is a mess, sometimes it does not work to delete attachments.
  • I cannot find the “History” tab for secure notes, to view a notes history, although it’s described here.

Things I miss from Keepass

  • Having the option in Keepass to use a password and a keyfile, for extra security.
  • Better control over the entries, with entry duplication, change history and more
  • Can use keyfile in addition to the password
  • Better overview of all folders and items
  • Being able to view attachment file sizes
  • Being able to see which entries that have attachments in the main list

Things I don’t like about Lastpass

  • The folder dropdown dialog when creating a new site or secure note. This list becomes quite ugly after adding a couple of folders

Things I like about LastPass

  • Browser integration
  • Syncing
  • Mobile app

Now, these things you may be able to do with Keepass and plugins, and by syncing the database over Dropbox, but that is a tad more cumbersome.