The HTC One X is a great and powerful Android device.


However, it lacks the usual and much used menubutton that is found in Android.

The menubutton is no longer a requirement on an Android device, but leaving it out can be a pain sometimes, especially if you are using applications that don’t render a soft menubutton for devices that lack a physical one.

This post is to show people how to enable a menubutton on the HTC One X and One X+

Navigate to Settings -> Display, gestures & buttons ->  Recent apps button. (as illustrated in the pictures below)

There you can specify yourself what should happen when you press the “recent apps” button, which is the one furthest to the right on the device.

If you want to use this button as a menubutton, select the “press for menu, press and hold for recent apps” option, and you are all set.

This way you get proper menubutton functionality, while at the same time retaining the recent app switcher functionality.