If you have 2 or more computers, and need to synchronize files and folders between them, you could do it with Dropbox.

Or if you just need to share files or folders with others, for collaborate editing or file hosting for example.

Here are a couple of tips to how to get even more free online storage!

  1. If you sign up with this referral link, you get 2250 MB of free storage, to use for backup, synchronization or whatever you like.
  2. After that, you can complete a couple of small tasks on this page, and it will get you extra space.
  3. When you are a member, you can invite your friends to Dropbox via your referral link, and get 250 MB extra storage each. (Or you could post your referral link elsewhere, it will do the same)
  4. Go to this page to get even more extra space by simply giving them a small feedback.
  5. If you are a student, you can enter your student email address here, to get 1 GB extra space, and it will double your referral bonus to 500 MB each!, and also it will set the limit of your free storage space up from 8 GB to 16GB!
  6. Some people say that by helping out the Dropbox team, by for example submitting bugs, they may increase your storage by 10+ GB!

Update: There is an ongoing event called DropQuest, which can get you another 1GB of free space. Details about the event here (you need to be logged in). The Quest takes some time, if you are a cheater, the answers are all over the internet.

If you feel that these ~16 GB of free space is not enough for your, or if you are in a hurry, you could just buy the 50 or 100 GB plans.

How to use Dropbox

  1. Sign up to become a user
  2. Download the Dropbox client, for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad or Blackberry
  3. Put files or folders in your Dropbox folder to sync them to their servers
  4. Access your files on their webpage or on every device with a client installed

You can get the Android app from the Android Market (search for “Dropbox”), or install it from this page.

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