If Eclipse fails to recognize your running Android emulator (no visible emulator in the DDMS view for example), you might see an error message in the console window like this:

[2012-12-19 07:53:37 – adb] ADB server didn’t ACK
[2012-12-19 07:53:37 – adb] failed to start daemon

And you get an Adb Error dialog, saying:

Adb failed to restart!
Make sure the plugin is properly configured

Like pictured below:

eclipse does not detect android emulator - feilmelding etter trykket reset

You can solve this problem with the following steps:

  1. Open the windows task manager (Ctrl + shift+ escape)
  2. End/kill all adb.exe processes
  3. In Eclipse, while the Android emulator is running, go to DDMS -> Devices
    Click the down-arrow to see the menu, and click “reset adb” like pictured below
  4. Your emulator should now appear in the devices window again.


If this should not work, try restarting Eclipse and the emulator, and try the steps again.