Are you using both Eclipse (ADT) and Android studio for developing Android apps?

They both come with their own SDKs, and maintaining two SDKs separately can be quite painful.

Here is how you set both IDE’s to use the same SDK.

Create a new common SDK to be used by both IDE’s

First, you have to set up a common SDK. You can either download a new SDK, or use the one that came with either Eclipse/ADT or Android Studio.

Let say you want to put your new SDK at the following location: /Users/Name/sdk.

You can use your existing SDK from Android Studio, in the Android Studio folder.

On mac, navigate to your applications folder, and then right click on Android Studio, Show contents, and then copy the contents of that SDK folder to your new common SDK folder: /Users/Name/sdk.

Changing Android Studios SDK path

In newer versions of Android studio, it will now ask you to point to your SDK location, ifsdk-location](

You may also have to specify the SDK location for your project:

In your Android studio project, go to File -> Project Structure -> Android SDK, and point to your new sdandroid-studio-set-sdk-path-sdk-path-624x209.png)](/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/android-studio-set-sdk-path.png)

Remember to restart Android studio afterwards.

You can then open the Android SDK manager from within your Studio project, to see whichandroid-studio-sdk-location](

Changing Eclipse ADTs SDK path

In Eclipse, you open the Eclipse menu:

Eclipse -> Preferences -> Android.

Change the SDK Location to your newly created one.

Hit Ok, aeclipse-chaning-sdk-path-sdk-path-624x279.png)](/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/eclipse-chaning-sdk-path.png)

You should now be set to use both IDE’s, while maintaing only one SDK, at /Users/Name/sdk