BF2Stats2 is a totally new and improved version of the old BF2Stats, Battlefield 2 stats app for Android.


  • Improved in every way
  • Search for playernames
  • Add and remove your favourite players to your fav list
  • Faster and more robust app
  • Uses less data traffic

It was released as a new app in Market. (because I managed to loose my jarsigner crypt key)

So it means a fresh start! :)

Market URL: market://details?id=no.BF2.Stats2

I am sure you will like it.

  • It uses threading to download updates, so UI doesnt get blocked.
  • It maintains a list of your favourite players for easy access. (you can add/remove players to it).
  • Player stats have been moved to separate tab.
  • Parsing of data is done on my webserver, so it takes the workload off the phone.

I might update this later with a tab for comparing 2 players, but for now, exams are coming up…