Lately I have been working a little on the BF2Stats app for Battlefield 2, When I have spare time, I am rewriting it from the ground up, and adding some nice requested features!

Whats the new features?

  • Tabbed layout for overview and separation
  • A favourite list, where you can add your Battlefield 2 players for easy access to statistics
  • A better search function, which will display suggestions to your search if several similar player names are found
  • Compare two players statistics

What else is new?

  • The app uses less network traffic thanks to my webserver beeing a middleman, crunching the searcresults
  • Doing most of the work on my server, the app gets to do less work
  • Doing network traffic in a separate thread, does not block the responsiveness of the UI while doing a search or getting statistics data

Theres still work that needs to be done, but I will keep posting updates here on the site.

The new search now looks like this:

Note: Under development