If you are developing apps for Android and Windows Phone, and have both emulators installed, you may have noticed that the Windows Phone emulator runs smootly, while the Android emulator is a bit slow.

If you had set up Intel HAXM for hardware acceleration of the Android emulator (see how in this post), this may have been disabled when you installed the SDK for Windows Phone, which is virtualized with Hyper-V instead of HAXM, which seems to take over for virtualization.

When trying to install Intel HAXM it would give an error message saying that your CPU lacks “VT-X”. However, if you know your cpu supports VT-x (and it is turned on in the bios),

I have yet to find a solution that enables hardware acceleration for both emulators, but I found a way to get Intel HAXM working on the Android emulator again.

If you would like to use HAXM, you have to remove the Hyper-V functionality:

  1. Go to Control panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn windows features on or off

  2. Locate “Hyper-V” and uncheck it, and press OK to remove it from your computer. disable-hyper-v

  3. You can then use Intel HAXM again. And when starting an Android emulator with HAXM enabled, you should see HAX is working and emulator runs in fast virt mode in the console output.

Does anyone know how to get both emulators working with hardware acceleration? Please comment below.