If you are trying to run your Android apps in a harware accelerated android emulator on Mac OS X, you may experience a crash, or your whole mac will freeze up, ending in a reboot.

The default installation of intel HAXM that comes with the Android SDK manager is version 1.0.6.

Intel has released a Hotfix, revision 03 of the HAXM software, available here.

Download and install the “haxm-macosx_r03_hotfix.zip” Which has a version number of 1.0.7.

Be aware that there is also another known issue with intel HAXM and VirtualBox, as it says on their webpage:

The Android Emulator may freeze when HAXM and VirtualBox v4.2.14 and newer are run in parallel on the same machine. Our testing shows that previous versions of VirtualBox, v4.2.12 and earlier, don’t exhibit the issue.