May 7, 2013 my app called Ambient Temperature Galaxy S4 was released to Google Play.

This is a thermometer app which measures the Ambient Temperature, instead of the battery temperature (as many of the other apps does).

This requires a special temperature sensor present on the device.

As of right now, the only devices that have the nesessary Ambient Temperature Sensors, are the Samsung Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note 3.Galaxy S5 will not be supported, as it does not have the neseccary Ambient Temperature Sensor (Samsung removed it…)

Note: I could not find a way to filter out this app for Galaxy S4 devices only, it seems to be a limitation in the Android uses-permission system, in the androidmanifest.xml file, which prevents this.

App versions

The app comes in two versions, the free version, and the donate version.

You can use the free version, and if you like it, you can support my work by getting the donate version!

Both versions does not contain ads, and does not require any permissions!

Click the images to view them in Google Play:

Free version:

Donate version:
Donate version icon

App Features

With the app, you can view the ambient roomtemperature of your device (not the battery temperature).

  • Temperature sensor (Celcius or Fahrenheit)
  • Temperature Widgets! (touch to refresh)
    Including lockscreen widget!
  • Pressure sensor (millibar)
  • Humidity sensor (%)
  • Max and Min temperature
  • Several translation! See below.

Features that may be added later:

  • Perhaps temperature in the statusbar
  • Setting for widget update interval
  • Graphs over temperature variations


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Some people have asked about the strings.xml file, to translate the app to other languages.

If you want this app in your language, you can download the translation file (file link coming here...), and translate the different fields from English to your language, and then email it back to me ( my email is ), and then I will add it to the app in next release!

If you would like to be mentioned for the contribution, please say so.


  • Russian translation, including mm. Hg pressure unit (Thanks “Twosist”!)
  • Norwegian Translation
  • German Translation (Thanks to a kind fellow!)
  • Spanish Translation(Thanks Mario Pablo!)
  • Italian Translation (Thanks “xheydelilah”!)


If you have any feature requests, feedback or anything, feel free to comment below.

If you like the app, please share, and rate it, thank you ! :)

Free version in Google Play

Donate version in Google Play