My Ambient temperature app for phones with a real temperaturesensor, has now reached 100 000 downloads!

The app is 100% free, it does not contain ads, nor does it require any permissions!

Why it’s free

Free version

You can get it (completely free) here, in Google Play!

I made the decision to give it away, so as many people as possible would be able to try it out.

The app has been rated over 1000 times now, and has an Average Rating of 4.15, which I am satisfied with.

Although ~95% of the feedback is positive, theres also some people giving negative ratings “because the app lacks a certain weird feature they wish it had”… Or because they did not use the app properly (a warm/cold phone gives different/incorrect readings ofcourse).

I also have not had so much time to improve on the app, although it seems to have been working correctly, without any serious issues, for almost a very long time now. And the number of installations are steadily increasing!

The donate version

Donate version

As some told me they would gladly pay for the app, which was free, I decided to create a second version of the app, and put a price tag of $1 on it, in Google Play.

You can get the Donate version here!

This version contains the same functionality as the free version, but was meant as a way users could support the development if they wanted.

And over 500 people actually wanted to support the development through getting the donate version!

So thanks alot for the support! :D

This gives us a percentage of 0,5, which is the number of total users willing to donate/support a completely free product, in this case, the temperature app.

Its not an overwhelmingly huge number. It does not even remotely cover even a small part of the development cost in regards of time spent…. But I still think the free and donate model was the right thing to do in this case.

Have you used the app? Please comment on your experience.