Opera 11 finally got released today, and it contains a bunch of new features, you can download it from Opera.com.

Some of the new features in Opera 11

Some of the new features I find very nice to have are:

  • Finally, real extensions! Opera have had widgets for a long time, but has been lacking those full extensions, which Chrome and FireFox have.
  • Search autocompletion in the adressbar. typing “g EnvyAndroid” instantly gives you relevant search keywords from Google.
  • The new Feed menu is quite handy
  • The ability to synchronize your urlfilter settings via Opera Link, so the ads I block on my laptop,
    will also be blocked automatically on my other computer. (From earlier versions of Link, you can also synchronize your bookmarks, speed dial, typed history, notes and custom search engines!)

Fixing the Mouse Gesture Threshold

After they updated the Mouse Gesture feature with a visual guide (Youtube demo vid), It seems they also changed the Mouse Gesture Threshold, or how many pixels you have to do the gesture before it is considered a gesture.

Luckily, it’s easy to fix this.

  1. Go to opera:config in your addressbar
  2. Type gesture in the searchbox on the config page
  3. Change the default value (5) to something lower (1 or 2 will do), if you don’t want to move your mouse such a long distance to perform a gesture.
  4. Press Save, restart Opera, and you’re done!

You could also go directly to the Mouse Gesture Threshold settings with this link:


Update (Jan 7): It looks like Opera will adjust the gesture sensitivity in next release, it’s been fixed in a Opera 11.01 Snapshot. So I assume you can expect it to be working when the Opera 11.01 stable is released.

Removing the whole Mouse Gesture Overlay

Read this if you want to completely remove the gray Mouse Gesture Overlay circle.

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