EnvyAndroid.com is a website for mainly mobile web technology, Android apps, tips & tricks and tutorials.

This is where you will find different projects of mine, such as the freely available Ambient Temperature app for Galaxy S 4 and Note 3, my first app, BF2Stats, and other writings about different technologies.

This website is a place for me to post about different problems and neat tricks that I often come across.  It has also helped myself several times, when I’ve been stuck with a problem, before finding the solution here…

I started this website while I was studying for my bachelor to become a computer engineer. I graduated as an engineer in 2010, with web and mobile development as my specialty.

In 2010 i started on my masters degree in informatics, and after graduating in 2012, I’ve been working full-time as a web and mobile developer in the most beautiful city of Norway; Bergen.

I do this in my spare time, and would greatly appreciate if you would share my stuff.


You can contact me at  <blogname>@gmail.com

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